About Us

The Ghana Elite Entertainment company was created to engage a mature, sophisticated, and chic crowd who appreciate the rich African culture and its music. Our events are tailored to promote collective fun where one can enjoy their friends, spouse, and parents under the same roof.

We offer experiences to our guests unlike any other. One that can be relived daily with their families and friend’s.

We are comprised of the best individuals in the business on all fronts. A fantastic Caterer, great Dj’s, a photography/video crew and a professional staff which was put together to ensure that our client’s needs are met on all levels.

We provide our guests with an enviroment to let loose, let go, give in, have fun, enjoy old friend’s, make new friend’s, and to simply FEEL GOOD.

Look no further as we bring you reviving and electrifying music you can dance to all night long. We invite you to join our next explosive cultural experience.

To contact us, please email us directly at GhanaEliteEnt@gmail.com